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Reed for roofs

Trzcina dachowa

Reed for roofs

  • annual reed
  • light yellow colour
  • no leaves
  • straight
  • stalk thickness from 0.3 to 0.4 cm
  • bundle perimeter 60 ±1 cm
  • height from 1.2 to 2 m
  • 50 and 25 bundles packed together

In Europe, roofs made of straw and reed have been a traditional technology employed in the construction industry with reed, due to its better longevity as compared with straw, prevailing. A roof of reed of over 40 percent of inclination, when properly made, can last even up to 70 years. Under a thatched roof, in hot weather, one can find pleasantly cool conditions, and in cold weather – comforting warmth.

Another advantage of thatched roofs is their ability of damping down noise of torrential rains. German scientists claim that for 25 years, roofs made of reed provided 100 percent protection against adverse for human beings ultraviolet rays. Flexible thatching material and its forming possibilities restricted only by the invention of a thatcher and the house owner allow for designing and the execution of a unique and outstanding roof thus for providing satisfaction to the house owner.


roofreedTrzcina dachowa